At the Rain Saver we have two tracks, a water audit to determine your rainwater needs and see if you have any problems with your water system. The second track is designing and installing rainwater systems as well as help manage the stormwater flow on your property.  With this information we help you find ways to save on water. We then work with the client to design the system that best meets their need and is aesthetically pleasing.

Rainwater harvesting is a simple concept, but not using ARCSA Accredited Professionals can be a big mistake. Water is a difficult element to control and by not using the correct components and installing them properly will cause problems.

Remember green technologies are investments in the future. They pay for themselves over the life cycle of the product and provide an emergency water source. The Rain Saver incorporates practices by keeping things simple and combining modern technologies with historic practices. You Can Too!

Size Matters

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