Park Pride

These three tanks are the first properly designed rainwater harvesting systems being used in Atlanta City Parks. They were sponsored by Park Pride in 2010 for their community garden program. Each tank stores 500 gallons of water and contains a roof washer, first flush diverter and calming inlet.  Currently they deliver water through gravity. The screens surrounding 2 of the tanks will be planted with vines to add an aesthetic covering. So far the water has stayed clear and clean even with temperatures in the 90 for weeks.

Click on the photo below to find the location of the Lang Carson tank The other 2 have been repurposed to West Atlanta Watershed Alliance (WAWA) and once installed will be shared.

Washington Park

Lang Carson

Grove Park

Features include roof washer to Features include roof washer to screen debris and mosquitos, a first flush diverter to clean the dirty water that washes from the roof containing pollen and dust, a calming inlet to prevent the incoming water from disturbing any residue on the bottom and a pee trap to keep mosquitos from escaping.

Each tank holds 500 gallons of potable water and is made from potable food grade plastics. A good source for emergency water.

Water Tests:

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