Trees Atlanta RHS at The Mercedes-Benz Stadium

Trees Atlanta is a nationally recognized non-profit citizens’ group that protects and improves Atlanta’s urban forest was given the opportunity to collect rainwater off of the roofs of the Holder, Hunt, Russell, Moody contractors trailers for the duration of The Mercedes-Benz Stadium, home of the Atlanta Falcons and Atlanta United construction period of approximately 3 years. The water will be used to supplement the water needs for their downtown plantings. The collection area is almost 8000 square feet and the tanks used will hold 7300 gallons of water. This should cover about 50-75% of their water needs depending on the weather patterns.


Details include:

  • The tanks were repurposed from other projects and will be repurposed after the stadium is complete.
  • The trailers have been placed in a modular fashion and because of the design 21 first flushes were used to connect each downspout instead of connecting the gutters on connected trailers. The Rain Harvesting First Flush filters were used, because of the large amount of dust from the construction site and the lack of a pump to clean internal filters.
  • The 21 first flush devices and piping will be repurposed at other sites though out the city when the time period is over. Screws hold the pipe together and allow easy disassembly.
  • The first flushes collected a large amount of dirt during the fist year of construction from the site across the street
  • Gravel and brick debris on site was repurposed to level the tanks and protect the pipes from lawn crews in the summer.
  • The project was funded by Holder, Hunt, Russell, Moody
  • Water test to potable standards Stadium Water Test W-2
  • Decommissioned December 2017

Highlights of the project:


Rainhead filter removes leaves.


First Flush Details


Screws were used instead of glue for disassembly.









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