By becoming a LEED Accredited Professional (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) through the U.S. Green Building Councils (USGBC) all the conservation practices that Steve learned through study and living life could be applied through LEED. LEED also introduced Steve to water and stormwater issues. From a love of rivers and appreciation for water, Steve decided to focus on uses for rainwater, stormwater and how to use it efficiency. Naturally managing the rain through cisterns and  landscaping techniques can reduce potable water use as well as lower the burden of supply on municipalities.


Since 2006, Steve has been researching and testing rainwater harvesting products from Australia, Germany and the USA to come up with the best products for each system. He was apart of the first class east of the Mississippi to become American Rainwater Catchment Systems (ARCSA) Accredited Professional. He has made presentations on rainwater, stormwater and water conservation at regional, state and national conferences.



Steve has been a member of the Metropolitan North Georgia Water Planning District the Atlanta Regional Commissions since 2007 and was created by the Georgia General Assembly in 2001 to establish policy, create plans and promote intergovernmental coordination of all water issues in the District from a regional perspective. He is currently Chair of the Ocmulgee Basin Advisory Committee.

2008 – GreenPlumbers USA Climate Care, Caring For Our Water, Solar Hot Water, Water Efficient Technology, and Inspection Report Service (I am not a plumber)
2008 – ARCSA Rainwater Catchment Systems Accredited Professional
2008 – Pervious Concrete Technician
2008 – Greenroof Design 101 and 102
2007 – GSWCC Level 1A, 1B Certified Inspector & Level II Plan Reviewer.
2006 – LEED Accredited Professional
2009 – Metropolitan North Georgia Water Planning District Ocmulgee Basin Advisory Council
American Rainwater Catchment Systems National Conference 2009
Greenroof for Healthy City Conference 2009
Georgia Water Resources Conference 2009
2007- 2008 – Metropolitan North Georgia Water Planning District Chattahoochee Basin Advisory Council
Georgia Rivers Network Annual Conference 2007
Braewater Cistern Contractor Training Program 2007
Georgia Water Resources Conference 2007
Paying for Sustainable Water Infrastructure Conference 2007
Restoring Green Conference. Wildlife Habitat Council 2007
Southeast Watershed Roundtable 2007
Metropolitan North Georgia Water Planning District Chattahoochee Basin Advisory Council
Metropolitan Overlay Basin Advisory Committee Meetings
Chattahoochee Basin Advisory Council Meetings
Southface Sustainable Roundtable
Georgia Water Council Meetings
AIA Atlanta COTE Brown Bag Lunches

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